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Digital Vouchers

eVouchers are household digital vouchers offered by iVoucher to consumers to bring financial solutions to the consumers. These doubled value vouchers can be redeemed at the store of your choice.

Free Registration

Register for free and create unlimited vouchers for your household items and redeem them with doubled-value.

Just select the store of your choice and enter the voucher value you want.

Earn More vPoints

Share your promotion code and earn 1 vPoint for every new client registering using your promotion code.

This new client has to create a voucher, make a successful payment in order for you to earn a vPoint
1 vPoint is equivalent to R50.00 which can also be redeemed at any of the stores listed on our website.

What You Pay And What You Get?

You are only required to pay 60% / half of the voucher value you want.

Example. If you want a voucher with a value of R2000, you are only required to pay R1200. A voucher code with a value of R2000 will be sent to you via SMS or cash payment depending on the payout option you choose. Read more below.

Why iVoucher?

Have you heard of iVoucher?

The current economic climate has made it challenging for many South Africans to keep up with their financial commitments.

Our country is facing inflation, the rate of unemployment is increasing, and food prices, energy and fuel are skyrocketing. This makes it difficult for citizens to buy food and put clothes on their backs.

With iVoucher, we give our clients a fighting chance .

iVoucher focuses on meeting consumer needs, simply by offering its clients digital vouchers of their choice at premium rates with added value.

iVoucher is all about financial freedom and giving its clients relief from financial constraints.

By simply registering with us free of charge, you can create a 10-day voucher that can be redeemed at the store of your choice at a double value.

About Us

Have you heard of iVoucher?

iVoucher is a private company that brings digital services directly to your mobile phone. iVoucher provides business solutions and financial solutions.

  • Register with us
  • Create a voucher
  • Make a payment
  • Get a voucher code sent to your mobile
  • Redeem It Doubled
  • Spend It

An iVoucher is a bond of the redeemable transaction code which is worth a certain monetary value and which may be spent only for specific reasons or on specific goods. You can redeem it at any listed stores on our website and get items of your choice.

How does iVoucher Work?

We offer our clients a great deal of saving towards their household needs in the form of vouchers. Our clients can register on our portal and create monetary vouchers under any listed store on our website. Clients are required to enter the voucher value they want and they will be required to pay 60% of that value. Any created voucher will be redeemed after 10 days on our portal and the voucher notification will then be sent to you via SMS. The settled voucher code(s) will also be available from your account section.


Register with us by completing a simple form with your details and creating login details which are username and password.

Create voucher

Create a new voucher by selecting a store of your choice where a voucher will be redeemed. Enter the value of the voucher you need, for example, R1000.00. Confirm this request and pay R600.00 using online secured EFT or manual payment. Our company bank details will be available under every voucher request created.

Make payment

Once the voucher request has been created, 60% of the voucher value must be paid using our company bank details. You will be required to use the payment reference number associated with this voucher request. Payment can be made either by manual eft using bank details or using secured instant EFT.

Reedem voucher

Once the 60% payment of the voucher value has been received and recorded on our system, the full value of the requested voucher will be sent to you via SMS on day 10 and can now be redeemed at any of the stores you selected when creating this voucher.

Promotion Code

When someone registers using your promotion code, you will be will be credited by 1 vPoint which is equivalent to R50.00. vPoints are points that a client earns when their promotion code is used when a new client is registering with us. These points can then be claimed and redeemed via your profile. This new client has to create a voucher, make a successful payment in order for you to earn vPoint

Terms and conditions apply.

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Get a Qoute

Use our qoute form to determine what value you can get.

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Pricing Guidline

The price guide line below is just an indication of how much our clients will pay and how much redeemable voucher value will be. Clients are allowed to request a voucher value between R 500.00 and R 10000.00 in multiples of R50.00

Voucher Value


  • Pay 300.00
  • Receive voucher with value of R500.00

Voucher Value


  • Pay R1200.00
  • Receive voucher with value of R2000.00


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